“This was a site specific live performance which combined theatre with poetry for a production which used the Hollybush pub in its entirety as its stage for the first of two sold out nights. The brainchild of Emma Purshouse and Heather Wastie, “Snug” is a celebration of the pub – in a pub!

    Trudy King acts as Narrator and leads us in to proceedings by introducing an evening where the traditions of the pub are looked back upon, with the audience as time travellers, dipping into the past. The cannon of pub characters are wonderfully brought alive. Heather Wastie wanders in to wryly reflect on, “We had a bust up” and “You’ re sitting in my seat”, the latter the perennial cry of the disgruntled regular, to ease us into people and situations which many of us are familiar with.

    This is a performance of many moods. Brendan Hawthorne delivers a tour de force spot with the “Retirement Speech of a Black Country  Ventriloquist”, filled with pathos and introspection, before Emma Purshouse rips through “Concheta”, a hilarious spoof on a fruit machine which comes to life. The site specific pieces work particularly well, “Pool Life” around the pool table, “Nubs” around the discarded fag ends in the smoking area and memorably “Bogs” by the bogs, performed by landlord Dave Francis.

    The writing is very strong, as is the acting, with Heather Wastie an astonishingly convincing drunk binge drinking Mayor (you had to be there) and Brendan Hawthorne oozing regret and vino veritas through the bottom of a glass. “Old boy regular” Geoff Cox is never far away doing the crossword either.

    Bold, inventive and fresh, this production has enormous potential to evolve and grow. It was warmly received by an audience who revelled in being part of the show, and where having a pint  was entering into the spirit of the evening. The divide between narration, live action, poetry, prose and dialogue is marvellously blurred resulting in a fusion of styles which constantly holds everyone’s attention as the performance dynamic shifts, twists and turns. A little gem of a show. 01-02-11”

Gary Longden


March 2012

  1. BulletFANTASTIC !!!!! Not what I expected ... a wonderful surprise. Great night with friends and would go again. Highly recommended it to everyone.

  2. BulletThanks for a great evening – thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. BulletJust a note to you and cast of SNUG to say how much we enjoyed last night's performance. This was second time round for Margaret and me and we both agreed that it was the best £5 spent, to see live performances, for a long time. Plus the bonus of good beer at an affordable price. Keep up the good work.

  4. BulletJust a note to say I really enjoyed the SNUG gig. Please pass on my congratulations to the rest of the performers and writers. 

  5. BulletBrilliant SNUG night !!! Well done everybody! Very entertaining and poignant too.

  6. BulletBrilliant bostin performance.

  7. BulletSmashing performance! 

  8. BulletHad a great night watching SNUG performed at the Hollybush! I've never seen a play like it :)

  9. BulletWe all loved it :-) It's a brilliant idea and works really well !!

  10. BulletLoved it - very witty, thought-provoking & creative!!

  11. BulletA wonderful experience - 'moving theatre' in a unique setting 

  12. BulletSNUG was great last night - I'd seen it before, but it was well worth a second time and the beer was lovely!

February 2011

  1. BulletExcellent – one of the best shows I have seen for a long time.  Fantastic writing, acting and staging.

  2. BulletExcellent – I think your show needs to be shared with more people.

  3. BulletEnjoyed it very much – close relationship with the performers.  Everyone was excellent.  Characters well drawn.

  4. BulletA theatrical and poetic delight.

  5. BulletInteresting concept.

  6. BulletDifferent, entertaining.

  7. BulletVery good indeed, well presented, well played.

  8. BulletExcellent.  I enjoyed every second of it brilliant!

  9. BulletIt was so so so good!  I loved the poems and the characters!  The idea of the whole ‘going back to 2011’ was great!  It really fits in with today because of all the problems pubs are having!  It was fab!

  10. BulletAbsolutely fabulous!  Great message, great acting, great motivation!!  Well done.

  11. BulletWitty, nostalgic, sad but true reflection of pubs at the moment.

  12. BulletExcellent

  13. BulletVery good.  I thought all were very good and it was a good night out.

  14. BulletBrilliant – imaginative – original – superbly performed.

  15. BulletExcellent.  Should be a must for everyone who cares about pubs.

  16. BulletVery enjoyable evening.  The characters portrayed the demise of pubs in very clever verse.

  17. BulletAbsolutely great.  Brilliant performances.

  18. BulletExcellent!  I didn’t know what to expect – and thought it was very different and very good!

  19. BulletI thought it was very entertaining and something unusual.  A good evening with great talent.

  20. BulletBrilliant 

  21. BulletFrighteningly raw, there we were safe in the audience, a drunken lady slumped in a chair by our sides, but safe enough to share the Landlord’s every emotion, anger, despair, it was an excellent performance.

  22. BulletThank you and the troupe for a very lovely, funny, touching experience.

  23. BulletJust to say we enjoyed Snug immensely, Trudy was key to keeping us in the future and looking back, our tour guide.

  24. BulletI loved Edie, Bostin Darter, Nub Boy and Concheata smashing characters.  The Landlady and Landlord drew us in so that we were on the edge with them, as if living through it all with them. Finally I must say Dave cleaning the bog.

  25. BulletI thought that was brilliant tonight, so inventive and imaginative and superbly performed. Well done both of you and also to the rest of the cast, please pass on our congratulations.

  26. BulletJust a line to say how much we enjoyed SNUG last night, a perfect composition for such a lovely venue and good beer to boot! Who could ask for anything more, but we got it - the meeting up with some old aquaintances and a good gas.

  27. BulletJust had to share with you what a splendid event this was tonight. Witty, clever, funny but also just the right amount of pathos to leave a slightly haunting feeling as you make your way home. Won't spoil it for tomorrow's lucky audience but strongly recommend that if you haven't been fortunate to see either performance then pester Emma and Co. for more shows. Well done to all concerned."

  28. Bullet“Snug" , a performance about a pub, in a pub was fantastic. A massive well done to Emma and Heather, Trudy and Brendan, Dave and Geoff, for a brilliant production at the Hollybush tonight.



Bold, inventive and fresh. 
A little gem 
of a show

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Photo: Nadeem Chughtai